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        Company news
        Brapu (China) New Year's Speech 2021.Heaven is orderly, everything is sometimes, the dawn shines between the ring replacement. On behalf of th...
        Industry news
        Many river lakes in Germany are international water bodies, and water resources are shared with neighboring...
        Technical news
        Terminology and calculation of circulating water cooling tower system...
        Customer case
        Beijing CDD creative port
        Beijing CDD creative port
        Shanghai Zhongrong biyulantian
        Shanghai Zhongrong biyulantian
        Guangzhou praying hospital
        Guangzhou praying hospital
        China Aeronautical Industry aerodynamic Research Institute
        China Aeronautical Industry aerodynamic …
        Suzhou Global 188
        Suzhou Global 188
        Our Mission
        Social responsibility
        social responsibility Brapu is a cooling tower enterprise with the quality of life as a leader.Since 1930, attention to quality has made Brapu a trustworth...
        personnel training
        personnel training Localization strategy of talent and the path of international career developmentWe believe that Brapu is the most valuable asset of a company is talent, talent localization is "rooted in the local Brapu, one of the key services of local" ...
        Sustainable development
        Sustainable development Our commitment to the environment Brapu implements an efficient and sustainable solution to its product life cycle and processing processes worldwide. This means that we can find and seize the key...
        Brapu produced
          Brapu BPK-CO open countercurrent cooling tower
        Brapu open BPK-CO series cooling tower is manufactured according to European cooling tower standard. It is developed with special software of Babu and has excellent cooling efficiency and hypermute design. Water is filled in the tower, water is top-down, air is bottom-up, and both flow opposite. Beautiful appearance, in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern urban commercial complex, but also in line with the aesthetic needs of modern factories. The whole tower has excellent corrosion resistance, using galvanized steel or stainless steel shell, hot dip galvanized...
          Brapu BPK-CR open cross flow cooling tower
        Brapu BPK-CR series is the heat source out of hot water through the water distribution system is uniformly sprayed on the surface of the filler, at the same time, air from the cooling tower air inlet grille into, after packing, a small part of the water is evaporated, so as to take away the heat, reduce the temperature of the water. brapu cross flow cooling tower is the hot water from the top down through the filler, and the air flow through the filler in the horizontal direction, the direction of the flow of hot water and air in a cooling tower near vertical. BRAPU...
          Brapu BPM-EC evaporative condenser
        Brapu evaporative condenser BPM-EV series: evaporative condenser is the main heat exchanger in in the refrigeration system, its function principle is: the superheated high pressure refrigerant gas discharged by the compressor in the refrigeration system passes through the condensing pipe in the evaporative condenser, so that the refrigerant in the high temperature gaseous state can exchange heat with the spray water and air outside the pipe. That is, the gas refrigerant from the upper mouth into the tube from the top and then gradually condensed into a liquid refrigerant...
          Brapu BPC-DEXXXXCH closed cross flow cooling tower
        Brapu BPC-DEXXXXCH series of closed type cooling tower is the tube heat exchanger is arranged in the tower, and through the circulation of air, water and circulating water heat exchange guarantee cooling effect. Because it is a closed cycle, to ensure the water quality from pollution, good protection of the efficient operation of the main equipment. Brapu closed type cooling tower using two-stage cooling: cooling use of air-cooled relies on the wind cooling of the coil pipe cooler; secondary cooling by air cooling and spray, in the environment temperature is higher when ...
        Solution to solution
        Service and support
        Brapu's success comes from the commitment to customers: constantly improve the product, careful manufacturing and unparalleled product ...
        Product applications
        Application AreaBrapu has a global cooling towers are widely used in metallurgical , petrochemical , shipbuilding, paper, chemical , pharmaceutical, electronics, food , power, chemical, and other commercial buildings . Brapu cooling tower package:...
        System solution
        Cooling water circulation system of central air conditioningThe cooling water circulation system is a kind of central air conditioning system. It refers to the water supply system for cooling water to heat and cool down and recycle. It is mainly composed of cooling ...
        Strategic cooperation
        Technical cooperation
        Technical cooperationThe pursuit of technological innovation and development of new products has been the direction of Brapu efforts, so Brapu ...
        Excellent supplier
        Excellent supplier  Brapu selected German brand as a supplier of high-quality accessories, with Brapu long-term cooperation with Siemens, Krupp Schorch, Caspian, Wille, Schaeffler Fagg, Bogman. EVGG EVGG E HQW OPTIBELT, ...
        International Certification
        The company has passed ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, OHSAS18001 certification. ISO9001 is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established quality management system standards. ISO14001 is the standard of environmental management system formulated by the International Organization fo...
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